EB SINAI Decorative Film Sheet Advantages

What is EB SINAI decorative film?

EB SINAI decorative film is a kind of polymer film, which can be laminte onto MDF board, plywood board, particle wood board, aluminum honeycomb board, PVC foam board and other flat plates. 

Application: cabinet door panel, wardrobe door panel, bathroom cabinet, wall panel, ecological door, office furniture, commercial space,ETC.

Technology process: Using PUR laminte machine line laminte onto different substrate board.

What is EB curing technology?

Using the high-energy electron beam produced by the electron accelerator directly triggers the polymerization or cross-linking of the polymer resin.

What does EB SINAI film advantages have and its comprise ?

true color, anti scratch, anti-pollution, anti bacterial,  anti-corrosion, thermal repair,Eco-friendly ,Anti-   fingerprint,  high hardness,stain resistance, 10 years anti yellowing.

EB SINAI film feature.jpg

EB SINAI decorative film comprise.


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